Theme: “Texture”

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Sophie Warringham,U.K
“Porifera” Brooch
Precious white metal and enamel,
64mm x 63mm.

Silvia Valenti, Italy
“Nimue. The Origin.” Necklace
Oxidized sterling silver, bronze cast in hand carved cuttlefish bone, oxides, garnet matrix with crystals.

Kayley Kahan, UK
Tactile Squishy Bead Necklace
Squishy sponge beads, strung onto a stretchy cord

Mandy Flood, New Zealand
Copper, enamel, copper mesh, silver and hand made cord

Nicolette Absil, USA
Sterling silver, copper, 18k gold, vitreous enamel, graphite.
2.25″ diameter

Elisavet Messi, England/Greece
‘Is getting dark’-‘stongi’ ring
Made by a complex of 10 meters sterling silver wire. (2015)

Elaine Cox, UK
Oval Brooch
5.7 x 3.5 x .5cm
Oxidized Silver, 18ct Gold, Raw Diamonds, Garnets

Konstantinos Georgopoulos,Greece
Silver 925 (soldering and remove it with 10% solution of sulphuric acid), oxidized silver.
3.4×3.1×1.8 cm (1.33×1.22×0.71 in)

Amanda Denison, London UK
Enamelled steel brooch, rusted
12cm diameter.

Jan Smith, Canada
“Layered Boxes”
Vitreous Enamel, chased copper, hand fabricated roller printed sterling silver with patina
8.0 x 7.5 x 1.5 plus 60 cm chain

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