Theme: “Keeping Cool”

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Agnieszka Maksymiuk, UK
Pendant “River”
silver, aluminum
4,5cm x 4,5cm x 1cm

Velina Glass, USA
Resin, sterling silver

Tara Turner USA
“Blue Sea Slug” Bracelet
Sterling Silver and Felt
6.5″ x 1.5″ z 1.5″

Jackie Anderson, Canada
“Mosaic Sunnies”
Fabricated sterling, acrylic acetate, plastic, eyewear hinges, screws, nose pads
13.7X14.4X3 cm.

Elaine Cox, UK
‘Winter Field’
Silver and Acrylic

Makiko Maeda
Material / 18k gold, aquamarine, diamond
30mm x 35mm x 5mm
Inspiration came from branch which frozen and shine daylight in early morning.

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