Theme: “Animal Instincts”

Helen Noakes, UK
“Solo Voyager” Bangle
Resin, Silver, Plastic miniature scale model.

Barbara Klar, US
“Pet Crowns”
Sterling silver.

Magdalena Maślerz, Poland
“That’s where the shoe pinches” Brooch
Dog skull, silver.
Diameter: 46,5mm

Elka Freller, Brasil
Double use earrings
Stingray leather, Silver, Citrines.

Azita Mireshghi, US
“Courage” Cuffs
Brass, Horn. (The etching is Rhinoceros skin texture).

Aleksandra Vali, US
“Revel of Bile and Envy”
Copper, lace.
12” x 12” x 5”

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