How to Have Your Work Featured

Twice a month the OTB team will choose a theme. You can submit 1 high resolution  photo per theme and email directly to Subject title should be that ‘featured theme’. You must be the maker, and are responsible for obtaining photographic permission.  Please submit any pertinent info. (Your Name, Country, Title, materials, size, and a link to your website or Facebook page.etc). The OTB team will then choose our favorites from the photos submitted to be featured on our blog. We may crop, color-correct, remove harsh shadows etc. to best highlight the work. Submissions will end on the 25th and the 10th of each month at 9pm EST. The Top images will be posted to the blog on (or around) the 1st and 15th of every month. The chosen theme will listed on our facebook page.

Theme: “Love”

Luiza Teodorescu, Romania
“Heart’s Crown” Brooch/Pendant
Brass, handmade/cut, unique.
9/8/2 cm

Federico Vianello Microfficina , Italy
Sterling silver, epoxy resin
Cm 2.8 x 2.8

Luana Coonen, U.S.
Sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, reclaimed diamonds

Kimberly Renee’, U.S.
“Burning Desire”
Fine Silver, Sterling Silver
4″ x 2″ with 16.5″ chain

Anna Johnson, US
“Hanna’s Ring”
Repurposed diamonds, 18k gold, cast twig in argentium silver
Size 6,

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