Debra Adelson
Debra's work is inspired by the mid-century modernism, pop culture/design from her childhood, and a passion for form and color. She incorporates hollow constructed sterling silver forms with layers of acrylic that she hand carves, heat-forms, dyes and/or reverse paints. All the components are then riveted using the bezel settings of gemstones.
Alison Antelman
Alison’s work is inspired by the vitality of a cityscape, her jewelry is hand fabricated and forged, like the cities that are its inspiration. Utilizing hammers, she sinks and forms the metal creating hollow form pods, that are light and comfortable to wear. She uses oxidized sterling, 18 + 22k gold and draws from a palette of natural stones. Clasps are hand-fabricated, incorporating them directly into design, allowing function as well as adornment.
Ashley Buchanan
Ashley's current body of work is a series of hand-pierced, powder coated jewelry that focuses on image, pattern and decoration in order to reference ornamentation and historical jewelry. Utilizing silhouettes allows Ashley to reduce images down to their most basic form and reference the history of jewelry with a clean, contemporary aesthetic.
Megan Clark
Megan hand fabricates her work from silver and gold sheet and wire, and incorporates stingray leather by making hollow forms and inlaying the pieces, treating it like a precious stone.
Lisa Crowder
Lisa strives to make work that is wearable & pleasing to the eye. She primarily works in sterling silver and incorporates other materials such as gold and enamel.
Donna D'Aquino
Donna's jewelry is hand-fabricated using sterling silver, 18kt gold and steel. It is primarily inspired by drawing and architecture
Janine DeCresenzo
Sculptural jewelry for women and men, fusing antique with space age, balance within asymmetry, and organic with an industrial twist. Starting with a simple sheet of silver, designs are cut, formed and fabricated, evolving into wearable art. Hand cut coral speckled with bezel set stones compliment pierced silver forms.
Desiree DeLong
Desiree DeLong is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer for whom personal creativity in its many forms inspires her lifelong passion for handcrafted work. Her early career as a seamstress and draper for the theater and ballet heavily influences her sculptural approach to metal — form and silhouette being extremely important in each piece. She is also influenced by nature and anatomy.
Ben Dyer
Ben is inspired by an enduring love of the natural world, the vitality that constantly supports and surrounds us in the movements, interrelationships, and cycles of nature. The work is artfully forged, formed and fabricated to capture a bit of that beauty and expressiveness to share with the wearer.
Mary Filapek/ Lou Ann Townsend
Mary and Lou Ann's design sensibility is heavily influenced by amid-century modern aesthetic. Crisp, strong lines, clean color and a relationship to the universe and its machinations, infused throughout with a sense of joy and hope. Their materials include sterling silver, gold, semi-precious stones, polymer clay and other mixed media materials.
Melissa Finelli
Capturing the intrinsic beauty and sculptural qualities of her materials, Melissa’s forms are inspired by growth and change, as if they were alive. She manipulates silver and gold, to create movement is a solid form. Making these minute compositions is a spontaneous process for Melissa. Allowing one thing lead to another, her work comes to life organically and evolves as she does in her process of making.
Michele A. Friedman
Michele's jewelry is fabricated in oxidized sterling, 18k Bi-metal and set with wool felt. She manipulates wool felt into shapes and treats them as if they were real stones. Her goal was to incorporate an alternative source of color, pattern and texture into her work.
Geoffrey Giles
Geoffrey creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry. He works primarily in 18K gold, fabricating each piece himself with no outside help of any kind. His jewelry exemplifies a minimal industrial aesthetic; a combination of bold geometric forms, clean lines, and attention to surface detail.
Danielle Gori-Montanelli
Danielle’s background as a figurative painter and silver jeweler comes through in the striking and unique designs she constructs out of industrial sheets of designer felt. In her subjects she celebrates the beauty of nature (flowers, corals, avocados...), but also finds humor in man-made every day objects taken out of context (candy, pencils, salami…).
Valerie Hector
Valerie creates wearable beaded structures, and finishes them with user-friendly clasps and findings. She thinks of herself as an artist, metalsmith, beadworker and beadwork historian."
Laura Jaklitsch
With an appreciation for modern design and a dedication to craftsmanship, Laura Jaklitsch draws on inspiration from the architecture of both the manmade and natural world. She takes a sculptural approach to jewelry, deconstructing the details she observes into sleek, wearable forms. She experiments with material, color, and form to make jewelry that is fresh, contemporary, and bold.
Chihiro Makio
Born and raised in Japan, Chihiro has always been interested in objects of small scale and fine detail. Her jewelry lines include hand-stitched details, origami inspired folded shapes, and using pave diamond charms as stones in vintage inspired jewelry. The main material is sterling silver, often heavily oxidized, with plated gold and 14k accents. Her work is always evolving in the effort to feed her creativity and her passion for uniqueness.
Rebecca Myers
Rebecca finds sublime beauty in natural forms. Her designs embrace the materials and techniques of fine crafted jewelry, but also capture the contrast in materials and the dichotomy inherent in nature. Rebecca works in high karat gold and oxidized silver, and often uses diamonds to achieve a dusting effect rather than the focus of the piece. Her jewelry is delicate and feminine, with an edgy and organic refinement.
Pavel Novak
Pavel makes jewelry from the highest grade of optical glass which is ground, polished, laminated, colored, and sand blasted, and combined with sterling silver that has been hand fabricated. His work is inspired by clean geometric shapes and features bold colors and crisp lines that optically reflect on themselves and refract light creating kaleidoscopic results.
Biba Schutz
Biba's jewelry is the evolution of her experiences. Biba's current body of work is about the beauty of aging and imperfection. Using sterling silver, steel and handmade paper, she's manipulated the materials to create texture, form, and space. Their relationship to each other, not unlike ours, draws the viewer inside, to hide, fantasize and recall memories.
Beverly Tadeu
Beverly's work has a fragile, ethereal quality that belies its inherent strength and durability. The open structure of this work allows people to glimpse inside to usually unseen spaces, to the play of shadows and layers revealed. She endeavors to capture, in each of her sculptural pieces, certain elusive and contradicting qualities, asymmetry with symmetry, rawness with opulence, and fragility with strength.
Donna Veverka
Working in silver using traditional techniques, Donna produces edgy earrings, tuff cuffs, and powerful rings for the adventurous woman or man. The working process involves a combination of lost wax casting, hand-forging, and hand fabrication.
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